Rough in love

The biggest issue that I have in the lipstick world, as I'm sure most others have as well, is finding a lip stick that Lasts.  I've tried adding lip liner, lip primer, adding a translucent powder on top, blotting out my lips with a tissue to reduce excess oils. Regardless of each attempt, my lip … Continue reading Rough in love


When Sunday’s are your Friday 

Wednesday through Sunday is my work week, currently it's Sunday at mid day, about 3 hours from the "weekend" and I've decided to take this slow time to write a post about the three products I can't live without. 1. First I have Witch Hazel, I use this after I wash off my makeup. It … Continue reading When Sunday’s are your Friday 

Tinted moisturizer over caked on foundation 

I've tried every type of foundation on the market ever since first applying makeup 10 years ago. I've gone through; Cover girl, Urban decay, Maybelline, and Mac.  All of which are great products, but I found myself either; too orange, caked up, or looking sickly midway through the day because it's all worn off. When … Continue reading Tinted moisturizer over caked on foundation 


Rosé & Prosecco

Blush and Highlighter. Two things I always put on my face just to liven it up a bit. Recently I found two of the most perfect creations made to ever enter the Makeup world, all thanks to Jaclyn Hill. At the beginning of the summer I received my Becca Cosmetics limited edition Jaclyn Hill collection. … Continue reading Rosé & Prosecco


Wings and Daggers

Eyes are apparently the window to the soul, or so I've been told.  With that being said, my main focus when doing my makeup is always to accentuate my eyes. I'm not the best with eye shadows, I have dark eyes and oily skin so it just all turns into a big mush of colors … Continue reading Wings and Daggers


Trying not to Melt your makeup off

Every Summer since I've started wearing make up I have struggled to keep myself put together from morning to night. There were days I would leave for work at 7 am and by the time I got home around 8, my makeup would be long gone. It took me about 10 years but I've finally … Continue reading Trying not to Melt your makeup off


Tanlines and Sunburns

This past week I was on vacation. Along with the Sunshine of Miami comes the Lobster red tones caused by lack of a high enough SPF. My secret to getting rid of Redness fast is: First: Cold Showers Second: Moisturize. I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense. This is a holy Grail Product of mine Third: ALOE, … Continue reading Tanlines and Sunburns