Rosé & Prosecco

Blush and Highlighter. Two things I always put on my face just to liven it up a bit.

Recently I found two of the most perfect creations made to ever enter the Makeup world, all thanks to Jaclyn Hill.

At the beginning of the summer I received my Becca Cosmetics limited edition Jaclyn Hill collection. Let me just say, if this is a review I’d give it 4 star.

Why 4 instead of 5 might you ask? 

I give it four stars because;

  1. The colors, that I use, are perfect.
  2. It’s ultra pigmented.
  3. The blush: Rosé spritz has been my go to color all summer.
  4. The highlighters: Champagne pop (white/ gold/ pink shades) and Procescco Pop (warm Gold) are two amazing shades that can be used year round and compliment my skin tone. (Which is a olive type completion)
  5. The sizes are also quite big compared to the split pans that are now available for these colors, this set was more worth the bang for your buck.

It lacks the fifth star only because I’ve had the palette for 2 months and still haven’t found a use for the two matte blushes: Amaretto, which is a almond shade, and Pamplemousse, which to me is a bubble gum pink shade. Neither of which are of any use to my skin tone.


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