Rough in love

The biggest issue that I have in the lipstick world, as I’m sure most others have as well, is finding a lip stick that Lasts. 

I’ve tried adding lip liner, lip primer, adding a translucent powder on top, blotting out my lips with a tissue to reduce excess oils. Regardless of each attempt, my lip color would always fade quickly, or I’d be left with color only around the lining of my lips, or worse.. It would create a feathering effect around my mouth leaving tiny unattractive lines.

Now ladies, you can try every lipstick in the world but I will swear on only one.

Lancóme’s Rogue in love lip color 

This lipstick is BOLD and it is long lasting. Now, when I say long lasting I mean, I work 9 hours a day and that color stayed on through; meetings, appointments, sipping my vitamin water, even eating a bagel. This color did not come off. It didn’t leave a lining, it didn’t run.

The only thing that did happen was the gloss I had on top started slacking a little, over all, this was the best lipstick I’ve ever purchased and if you’ve seen my collection, you’d know that’s saying a lot.

The color I wear most is called Fiery attitude, great shade for fall because it’s a deep berry/ wine color.

I highly suggest you invest in this lipstick, I definitely want to buy more colors because I’m blown away by it’s formula.

It’s $29 dollars but worth every penny.

The picture below is Firey Attitude with flash, then without.



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