Blue Jean Baby

…L.A. Lady. Seamstress for the band.
Okay okay, enough of my rendition of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer and on to what this post really is about.

With Spring quickly approaching, although you may not know it by current New York weather, we’re all ready to put away our bulky sweaters and bring out our Flowey tops and comfortable Denim.
Denim is something that can be worn year round, don’t get me wrong. But I just am a sucker for a good high-rise crop.
Here’s a bit of my absolute favorite brands and styles.

1. Urban Outfitters BDG Jeans. You want comfort? Buy from this brand, any style. They are the softest most comfortable jeans I’ve ever purchased.

Mom Jeans
Twig High-Rise Skinny

2. Garage. Black. High Waist. Denim. . . Need I say more? No, but I will. The story behind these, due to working in Bridal Fashion for the past year, my closet has become primarily black. I needed to find a good sturdy pair of black jeans that could be versatile with dressing up or dressing down.
These are 100% the best type. They run small though. To put into perspective. I’m a 26′ waist and had to buy a size 3.

Black-Retro High Waist Jeggings

3. If you’re in the market for; comfort, style, a deep blue shade, a skinny fit , and something that can be worn both long or cuffed. These bad boys are all that you could hope for in a pair of blue jeans and they can be found in American Eagle.

AEO Sateen x HI-Rise Jeggings

There you have it, my top Styles/ Brands. If you have any favorites let me know and I’d love to check them out!


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