Millennial Recipe Time

Hello Lovlies,

So last night Anthony and I got home from work late and instead of going golfing/ going out to eat we decided to run to Shop Rite and grab some ingredients to put together a nice dinner.

As I’m strolling around, I passed the chicken and thought– Yes! I’ll make chicken and Rice for dinner.

This is probably the easiest chicken Recipe you could ever think of.

What do you need?

  1. Knorr Rice sides- Creamy Chicken flavor
  2. Boneless chicken Thighs (6 at most for two)
  3. Salt, Pepper, Garlic (for the rub on the chicken)
  4. Olive oil and Butter (for the frying pan)
  5. Frying Pan  We got ours from Ikea for 13 bucks!
  6. A Pot for the Rice
  7. 2 cups water for Rice

First you’re going to want to give your chicken a nice dry rub combining the salt, pepper and Garlic.

While your doing that, heat up the pan with the olive oil and butter and make sure it’s hot enough to brown the chicken when you place them in the pan.

After you’ve coated your chicken, I use a scissor to cut them into smaller bite size pieces  and throw them on the pan to brown. (Be careful though because that olive oil WILL spit up at you)

While the chicken is browning in the pan, grab your rice. I pick the creamy chicken flavor because it flows nicely with the chicken you already have and will later act as a marinade.

For the rice you just need to combine it with two cups of water in a pot and stir it for a couple of minutes then cover it like you would do for pasta for about 7 minutes on simmer.

While the rice is cooking the chicken should be turning a nice brown (If you go to squeeze it and pick juice comes out it’s not cooked yet, if it’s white then it’s cooked).

Once the chicken and rice are done, I scoop up the chicken and put it into the rice pot and mix it all together.

This gives the chicken a soft texture and it soaks in the flavor of the rice.

This is fast, easy, and delicious. Best of all, it tastes even better reheated!


There you have it,

Enjoy Lovlies and let me know if you’ve tried it!



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