Everyone makes fun of the way I say “Charcoal” …

I apparently emphasize the “c” in coal.

The pronunciation isn’t the point to this post however, the positive skin care benefits of it are.

Hi Lovlies, hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of August!

So, recently in my Sephora play box I received the Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding intense wash-off treatment which is a detoxifying mask that is supposed to minimize your pores, and honey! I need me some pore minimization.

After noticing my skin getting worse thanks to my recent travels — planes always make my skin act  up — I decided to give this new little mask a try. I trust the brand and I had good faith that it would be a great product.

What is it? It’s a little jar with black and white swirls in it. Directions say to apply it to a dry face this turns it to a gray puddy on your face, wait 15 minutes for it to dry, then wash it off.


My pores around my nose and chin definitely looked smaller and less noticeable. The redness on my cheeks were less inflamed and although it didn’t get rid of the pores on my cheeks which is my problem area (a girl can dream) it did minimize the looks of them and left my skin smoother then it was earlier.

Over all I’ll give this 4.5 stars.

A lot of people on Sephora complained about the smell, though it wasn’t enjoyable it really didn’t bother me.

I do prefer the Philosophy mask over this mask but all-in-all it was a good product and I’ll continue to use it.

It retails for $38.00 and you get a jar of 2.8 oz, that’s a decent price for the amount of product.

It’s great for all skin types. As I’ve said before I’m mixed, both oily and dry.  It doesn’t have alcohol in it so it wont dry out your skin (Big plus).

It’s also dermatologist tested and is a 2017 Beauty Choice award winning product

Let me know what you think of this review,


Mask sample from Sephora play box

Looks like Puddy

Turns into a Gray Mask

…15 Minutes later (Spongebob reference)



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