Sunsets in my eyes

I’m so excited that I finally was able to try out the Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe today. My classes were cancelled so with the extra time I was able to play around with a couple of colors and do my makeup.

I only used four shades but before I go into that I have to applaud Jaclyn for doing such an amazing job on these eyeshadows. They are pigmented, creamy, stunning, and universal. You go Ms. Hill and Morphe for being able to put together a great palette at such an affordable price.

I must disclose that I am NOT in any way a makeup artist. I like playing around with colors and I like doing makeup but I have never done it professionally. 

Now, to the palette and colors that I used on my eye look

Enlight as my transition shade (This is a light cream shade)

Pooter in my crease. (Light Brown)

Jacz in the outer corner (Brick red/brown)

Queen all over the lid (GOLD, YAS!)

I wanted to go for a sun set color scheme and I think I did a pretty good job.

I loved this palette and all I can say is wow, I’m shook!

Let me know your thoughts on the look






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