Moisturize to Minimize your Oily Skin

Like many people in this world, I was given oily skin thanks to the genetics of my parents. Despite the fact that my face usually looks like a shiny oil slick mid-way through the day, there are some perks to having oily skin.

I am no dermatologist but a tale as old as time states we– oily people– have a slower aging process because we have additional protection from the environment due to skin being thicker, sorry dry skin people. We also are less prone to fine lines/ wrinkles because oily skin is less likely to become inflamed (tell that to my pimples).

To recap, we get stronger protection from UV rays due to thick skin, we don’t get as many wrinkles, and our pimples don’t look as red but we still look like we added an illuminator to our whole face by noon–every day.

Anyone else have this issue?

Hear me out. When I was younger I assumed that because of the oils my skin produced, I shouldn’t add moisturizer because it would make me even more shiny. I also thought that if I kept washing my face it would go away. False! Okay so first off, you should always use a moisturizer no matter what skin type.

For those who have oily skin I have two of my must have moisturizers. These two–which I’ll show below– act as a barrier between your skin and the makeup, if you use a primer thats an additional barrier which will keep the oils at bay. By hydrating your skin your essentially letting your skin know it doesn’t need to produce any other oils.

Also, as much as I love to cover my face in mattifying masks and feel squeaky clean, the concept of constantly washing your face defeats the whole purpose, of well, washing it. When you have oily skin washing your face consistantly actually forces your skin to produce more oils to make up for what you’re taking away. It then goes into overdrive and that’s when you look greasy. So, wash your face in the morning for a clean slate, wash it at night to remove your makeup but any more than that is unnecessary unless it’s after a visit to the gym of course!

If you’re wondering what moisturizers I use to keep my skin at bay

I use these two from Clinique, Clinique for the win baby!



#1 Moisture surge extended thirst relief $19.00

#2 Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer $29.50/ Mini is $9.50

Gels are perfect for those of us with Oily skin and these two products by Clinique which I use depending on what look I’m going for are absolute perfection.

Find them at your local Sephora or Macy’s Clinique counter.


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