Millennial Recipe Time

Hello Lovlies, So last night Anthony and I got home from work late and instead of going golfing/ going out to eat we decided to run to Shop Rite and grab some ingredients to put together a nice dinner. As I'm strolling around, I passed the chicken and thought-- Yes! I'll make chicken and Rice … Continue reading Millennial Recipe Time


Oreo truffles

Hey millennials! Yeah I'm talking to you. How many of you are like me and don't like showing up empty handed when you go to parties or events for family or friends? I have a quick and easy desert that people will die for. They'll be thinking you hopped right out of a episode on … Continue reading Oreo truffles

Sunshine & Sunhats

It's the Fourth of July and I spent my day siting in a pool on a cupcake. Bathing suit: VS Sunhat: Kohl's Cupcake: Target Recipe for Summer Cosmo INGREDIENTS: ¾ OZ. GRAND MARNIER 1 OZ. VODKA 1 ½ OZ. CRANBERRY JUICE 1 DASH LEMON JUICE Shake it all up with lots of ice. Happy Independence … Continue reading Sunshine & Sunhats